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Would you like to Sell Your Note? We Broker Notes!

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Would you like to sell your note? We Broker Notes!

Many people don't know that they can sell their notes. Whether it's a mortgage note or a business note, we broker them all the time. 

We are brokers that help sell real estate notes or business notes. The real estate notes we broker are typically created when a piece of real estate is sold with owner financing also called seller financing or carry back financing. 

The business notes we broker are the notes created when the sale of a business sells his or her business and takes back a note for some or all of the company's sales value. 

Quick Rundown of what documents I need to Sell My Note 

The Security Instrument on the Note 

The Original Note Agreements 

Title Insurance 

Home Insurance 

Owner's Policy Number for Homeowner's Insurance Company The Current Market Value and how it is to be paid out, again if there are any other conditions we need to know about such as a balloon note then you should also provide that information so we can make sure this will work with your current situation. The presentation material that describes in detail who has ownership rights now and what those rights entail should also accompany these documents. You may want to include copies of all deeds, mortgages, legal descriptions, etc., but please do not send originals unless requested by our company. If you have any questions, please get ahold of us with the contact information below. 

We're not just brokers - we are also the people that help you get out of a bad situation. No matter what type of note(s) you own, whether it's real estate or business notes, our team is here to broker them for you and make your life easier in the process. Interested? Contact us today! again...we are just - not just any old random online brokerage site!

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