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  • What We Do

    Fitzgerald Advisors, LLC is a leading provider of loan sale advisory services to banks and financial institutions nationwide. We offer expertise in the entire process, from identifying potential buyers for performing and non-performing whole loan portfolios to structuring and negotiating deals on behalf of our clients. Our team is knowledgeable about all aspects of the credit industry, including buying, selling, brokering, or investing in private mortgage notes and consumer debt. 

  • Who We Are

    Fitzgerald’s management team consists of seasoned professionals with years of experience in the whole loan, commercial / consumer debt portfolios & real estate note broker space.


    We have had significant experience buying, selling, and managing portfolios of performing and non-performing notes.


    We are committed to our client's success in the loan sale advisory space; we provide customized solutions for each client with a focus on maximizing their return on assets (ROA). Whether through investment consulting services or note sale advisory services, Fitzgerald Advisors can help you make your portfolio more profitable.


    Fitzgerald has successfully helped banks sell whole loans as well as private parties buy them!

    Andrew A. Bybee

    Loan Sale Advisor

    Jeffery A. Hartman

    Loan Sale Advisor

  • Our Focus

    We are an innovative distressed asset advisory company that helps financial institutions mitigate credit risk through liquidity and asset disposition. We represent investors who are highly capitalized & continually seeking a broad spectrum of challenging asset opportunities. Our investor's expertise is in the workout, resolution, & management of distressed, sub-performing & performing loans, notes, whole loans, nonperforming charge-off debt. By partnering with us, we can provide viable solutions & flexibility that allow your institution to dispose quickly of your most critical loans & focus on your core.


  • The Markets We Serve

    Fitzgerald Advisors, LLC is currently active in the following performing and non-performing whole loan note products.

    Mortgage Note 

    Buy Notes
    Selling Notes
    Broker Notes
    Mortgage Notes
    Rent to Own
    Refi - Refinancing
    Owner Finance

    Distressed Debt

    Installment Loans

    Payday Loans

    Consumer Loans
    Credit Card
    Medical Receivables

    Marketplace Lending
    Rent to Own - RTO - BHPH
    Delinquent Auto
    Charge-Off Consumer Portfolios
    Alternative lending

    Non-Performing Loans
    Performing Loans

    Secondary Finance

    Student Loans

    NSF - DDA - Bad Checks

    Other Real Estate

    Hard Money / Spec / Construction SBA 7A SBA non-guarantees Performing Loans
    Bridge Loans Health Care Commercial & Industrial Manufactured Housing Loans Rental Investments Refi

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    Whole Loans, Real Estate Note Investors, CRE & Consumer Debt Portfolios



    We can help you prep, market, and sell your mortgage notes at top market value.


    Mortgage Notes that are accepted for sale will be packaged by the issuer, performance status, credit rating, and other criteria to create a diverse selection.


    Why use our Note brokering Services


    We can help you package your Note to sell and get all the necessary details and documents for sale; we have a wide range of vetted note buyers.

    Sell Your Note to a Niche Note Buyer


    Noteholders can sell all or just a portion of their Note for a lump sum of cash, one of our niche note buyers.


    Sell Your Performing or Nonperforming Note to a Note Investor

    There are two types of Note Buyers in our network.

    1. Performing Note Buyer

    2. Distressed Note Buyer

    What do note buyers look for?

    Note buyers will first look to the asset's down payment or equity in the real estate. The collateral's equity determines how to sound that loan as an investment; the equity determines the loan's security level.


    Who Can Buy Note(s)?

    Anyone can purchase a note, but you should understand the process and seek competent legal advice before engaging in any investment opportunity. We are here to provide you opportunities but do not provide legal advice on any for sale notes. Buyer beware – purchases are at your own risk.

    Can a realtor broker selling a real estate note?

    Quick Anwer. No.

    Where Do I Buy Debt?

    You can either buy directly from the creditor or a online debt trader site or a trusted industry insider broker.

    What type of Debt Portfolios is normally for sale in 2021?

    Direct from the lenders: Secondary Finance, Commerical, Media, Credit Cards, Installment Loans, Auto Loans, DDA, Secondary Mortage, BHPH, Private Student Loans


    Fresh Secondary Market: Installment Loans, Secondary Finance, RTO, Auto Loans - BHPH


    * Direct Lenders now have a no resale clause, either buyer's lease out to other agencies or debt buyers with a buyback date which caused the secondary market to dry up, causing a shortage in the debt sales market in 2021.

    How do note buyers make money?

    Real estate investors earn money note investing by buying mortgage notes from private lenders or banks who want to divest their interest in that asset class or need extra cash to buy another deal. Practically, they obtain the debt. Therefore, investors collect on a note similar to banks or private companies carry out themselves.

    Is note investing profitable?​

    Real Estate note investing can be profitable; it is only for experienced investors with a high-risk tolerance


    What is a debt broker?

    A debt broker is actually somebody that serves as the middleman of a sale of the debt transaction. They will certainly serve providers, collectors, companies, and collection organizations that possess uncollectible financial obligations. The broker is going to receive the information of the financial obligations:

    • Type of debt
    • Age of debt
    • Face value of debt
    • Asking price
    • Sample Media ( such as the billing statements and signed contracts ) 

    They will assist the seller in creating a masked portfolio of all the defaulted debt and delegate the inquiring rate. As soon as everything is put together, the broker will identify the right seller and a debt buyer and negotiate a deal.

    Debt brokers may not be associated with the collection method. They deal with the purchase of the debt collections. They deal on a percentage base, often an amount of the portfolio's worth or even the list price.


    How is Price Determined for a Note?

    Pricing is determined using 3 major fundamental qualities. They are:

    Loan terms (price, pay-back duration, balloon payments, clean records, etc.)

    The consumer's capability to pay claimed loan to the note owner.
    The collateral securing the loan (residential property, company, and so on).

    The note buyer will require to carry out persistence while processing the acquisition of a note. The diligence process will consist of, yet not be restricted to a drive-by home appraisal, testimonial of the payment history, getting an evaluation of a title report referring to the residential or commercial property protecting the note.

    How long will it take to make the note purchase?

    The average residential mortgage note purchase will certainly take in between 15-- 23 service days. The ordinary commercial note purchase will certainly take between 20-- 27 service days. The typical business note purchase will take 10-- 15 business days. All-time frames stated above are thinking absolutely nothing unusual surface areas throughout the process.

    If I decide to sell my note, how much will I get for it?

    The ordinary mortgage note and service note will certainly offer between sixty-five cents ($0.65) on the buck and eighty-five cents ($0.85). Over ordinary mortgage notes as well as organization notes (taken into consideration to be A+ paper) will certainly market between eighty-six cents ($0.86) on the buck to ninety-five cents ($0.95) on the dollar. All deals are a percentage of the existing continuing-to-be, the unsettled major balance of the loan when it is gotten or marketed.

    Buying & Selling Notes

    Interested in buying or selling a distressed asset? We have the experience, expertise, and connections to be your most valuable partner.

    How to sell a mortgage note?

    The process of creating and transferring a mortgage from one party (the borrower) to another is not difficult or daunting. In order for this transaction to take place, there must be sufficient funds in an escrow account at the time of sale which ensures that all parties have their promised share when it comes time for payoff.

    Debt Portfolios For Sale

    Buying and selling are easy with Fitzgerald: we will show you how to sell your debt and buy new ones for easy money.

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