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Distressed Debt, Sub-Performing & Performing Loans

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Fitzgerald Advisors, LLC is an innovative distressed asset advisory company that helps financial institutions mitigate credit risk through liquidity and asset disposition. We represent investors who are highly capitalized & continually seeking a broad spectrum of challenging asset opportunities. Our investor's expertise is in the workout, resolution, & management of distressed, sub-performing & performing loans. By partnering with us, we can provide viable solutions & flexibility that allow your institution to dispose quickly of your most critical loans & focus on your core.

Reasons to Sell:

- Eliminate or reduce administrative costs

- Improve balance sheet and decrease regulatory pressure

- Promote Liquidity

- Allows institutions to focus on their core objective

Investor Purchase Criteria:

(Performing, Sub-Performing (Matured & Negative Equity) delinquent & NonPerforming) Asset Volume: Bulk & One Off Funding Capacity: 100K up to 100M

- Commercial Real Estate Loans

- C&I

- Residential Loans

- REO properties

- DDA, NSF, and any small-balance consumer charge-offs

- Automobile deficiencies

- Credit cards and consumer loans

- Student Loans

- Any other distressed asset class

Fitzgerald Advisors, LLC is a company that specializes in dealing with distressed assets. If your financial institution wants to get rid of its most critical loans and focus on core services, it should consider partnering with us for help. We are ready and waiting to provide viable solutions so you can dispose quickly of your most pressing debt issues. Call us today for more information about how we can help!

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