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How to Make Money in a Housing Market Crash

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Strategies for Profiting in a Downturning Real Estate Market

A housing crash can happen at any time, and preparing for the worst is always best. However, this does not mean you should start liquidating your assets immediately! There are still ways that will allow you to make money during a mini-housing bubble, such as:

Bankers Should Sell Debt


This is it if you’ve been waiting for the ray of hope amid all the chaos. It is absolutely the right time to take the loss that you weren’t really ready to take. But it is better to do it now rather than feel like an idiot later.

If you have taken any write-downs, the time to sell it has come. This is the right time to mitigate all your losses.

Sellers Should Also Sell Debt


If you own a property that you want to sell for quite a while, then it is the right time for you to do it. Waiting for the market to rise and prices to surge is something that you can only dream of until a miracle really happens. Thus, take the opportunity that you have right now and make the most of it.

Brokers Get In Action


No matter how many buyers you have and what commission they are willing to pay, if you put out everything at a high price, it’s time you change that. Although your buyers list is a great resource, you should leverage it in order to find your seller clients. Pay attention to getting your sellers buyers quickly and with the most money in less time.

Investors Should Purchase The Debt


If you want to invest in something, you can either purchase real estate and take debt or buy the debt and become the bank. The benefit here is that you are in a much more secure position when the values in the future take a rise or fall.

Being totally invested in real estate can be a horror for you during a housing market crash. Thus, an alternative is to start investing in notes, as it will keep you secure. You can start by finding notes for sale and invest in them. With time, you can expand your contacts and get in touch with various note buyers and note brokers who can readily help you out in the process. This will help mitigate your losses and gain money during a housing market crash.

Conclusion: It’s not time to panic just yet. You can still make money during a mini-housing bubble, such as selling your debt or taking the opportunity to liquidate your assets now, while it may be too early for others. Don’t wait until a housing crash happens before starting to prepare!

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