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Sample Seller Questionnaire for Debt Sales

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“The Seller Questionnaire for debt sales is a comprehensive evaluation tool used to assess the value of a debt portfolio. It covers various aspects of debt sales including portfolio details, recovery rates, legal efforts, documentation, and more. This questionnaire helps ensure a smooth and successful debt sale process by providing valuable information about the portfolio being sold.”

Please fill out the following questions and email back a completed copy.

  1. What is the dollar value of this portfolio, and how many accounts are included? Please provide the dollar amount and the number of accounts below:

Dollar Amount: ________ Number of Accounts: ________

  1. Are you the originator or a reseller/broker for this portfolio? Please indicate your role: Originator: [ ] Reseller/Broker: [ ]
  2. What types of accounts are included in this portfolio? (Please check all that apply) And please specify the balance (Principal, Interest, Fees).
  3. What is the charge-off policy for these accounts?
  4. Have you ever sold charged-off accounts before? If yes, please indicate how many times. Times: ________
  5. How many agencies or attorneys have these accounts been sent to for collection? (Please check all that apply)
  6. Have all accounts that were sent to agencies/attorneys been recalled? Please explain: ________
  7. Which agencies or attorneys have these accounts been sent to? (Please check all that apply) Private Agency 1 Agency 2 Agency 3 Agency 4 V/MC Private Label Consumer Loans Indirect Auto Direct Auto
  8. When were these accounts last sent to an agency or attorney for collection?
  9. What was the average recovery rate for these accounts over a 12-month period, by placement level?
  10. How were the accounts handled by the agencies or attorneys you used for collection?
  11. What settlement offers have been made to these accounts?
  12. When was the last time a mass settlement offer was made?
  13. How long were these accounts at the agencies/attorneys at each placement level?
  14. What kind of legal efforts have been used for these accounts? Please describe your suit guideline requirements.
  15. Have these accounts been checked for bankruptcies and deceased individuals? Yes: [ ] No: [ ] Please add any comments: ________
  16. Have these accounts been scored since the charge-off? Please add any comments: ________
  17. What was the process used to determine which accounts to sell?
  18. If your data file has a “second” name, please indicate whether it represents a co-maker/responsible party or an authorized user. If both, please describe how to differentiate.
  19. How exactly do your name and reporting appear on the credit bureaus currently?
  20. Which credit bureaus are these accounts reported to? (Please check all that apply) Experian Trans Union Equifax
  21. How will you report these accounts to the credit bureaus after the sale?
  22. Have you reported the co-makers to the credit bureaus? Please add any comments: ________
  23. What kind of solicitation practices were used to obtain these customers? (Please check all that apply) Take-One Applications Phone Solicitations Pre-Approved Mailings
  24. What level of credit did these customers have when they were approved? (Please check all that apply)
  25. What were the guidelines for approval of credit for these customers?
  26. Did you originate these accounts? If not, please describe the acquisition process and provide proof of ownership.
  27. If you did not originate these accounts, can you provide copies of the chain of title?
  1. Do these accounts have any security interests? Yes: [ ] No: [ ]
  2. Are there any commercial accounts included in this portfolio? If so, how many?
  3. If these are installment loans, are they direct or indirect loans? Direct: [ ] Indirect: [ ] Both: [ ]
  4. If these are auto loans, is there force-placed insurance included? Yes: [ ] No: [ ]
  5. Do these accounts include post-charge-off interest or fees? Yes: [ ] No: [ ]
  6. What interest rate or money factor was charged on these accounts prior to the charge-off?
  7. How delinquent did the customer become before they could no longer use the services or account provided?
  8. What type of documentation or media is available, and what is the percentage available and the time frame to obtain it? Please provide the following information: TYPE % AVAILABLE TIME FRAME DESCRIPTION Payment Histories Screen Prints Applications Charge Slips Loan Agreement Billing Statements Other (Please describe) Complete Files.
  9. How is the documentation kept, and what is the process for obtaining it?
  10. Are you aware of any past statute accounts in this portfolio? If yes, will they be repurchased? Yes: [ ] No: [ ]
  11. Are you aware of any disputed accounts in this portfolio? Yes: [ ] No: [ ]
  12. Are you aware of any accounts that have retained attorneys in this portfolio? Yes: [ ] No: [ ]
  13. Can you indicate if your address on file is good or bad upon sale? Yes: [ ] No: [ ]
  14. Have you or any of your agencies ever put these accounts through a debt or credit card conversion program? Yes: [ ] No: [ ]
  15. Have these accounts been a party to litigation against the original creditor via Class Action or otherwise? Please explain.
  16. Does the original lender’s card member agreement or contract require arbitration rather than litigation? Please explain.
  17. Has the original lender been fined, scrutinized, or sanctioned by the FTC or any other state or federal agency regarding its collection practices or underwriting guidelines? Yes: [ ] No: [ ]
  18. Have any of these accounts received a 1099-c? Yes: [ ] No: [ ]
  19. For reference, under the FDCPA, when a debtor requests the original creditor’s name and address, what address should be used?
  20. If you have any additional comments that would help evaluate your portfolio, please indicate them.
  21. How many other bidders are there for this portfolio?
  22. Who are the other bidders?
  23. How much did your previous portfolio sell for?
  24. What price are you looking to sell these accounts for?
  25. Are you willing to sell the portfolio by state, region, or product type? Yes: [ ] No: [ ]
  26. Please list all available fields that will be made available to the purchaser at the time of the final data run.
  27. Is the resale of accounts permitted? Depends: [ ] Yes: [ ] No: [ ]

I am an authorized representative of _________, and the above answers to these due diligence questions are true and accurate to the best of my knowledge.

Signature: _________________Date: ___________

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