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What is a Real Estate Owned (REO) Property?

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Real Estate Owned (REO)

“Learn about REO properties with this easy-to-understand guide. Find out what REO bank-owned properties, REO homes, and REO foreclosures are and why they might be a good option for you. Start your REO property search now!”

As a former real estate investment expert, you may have heard of “real estate owned” or REO properties. But what exactly are they? REO properties are properties that a bank or lender has taken over because the owner couldn’t pay their mortgage. These properties are then sold to the public auction to help the bank recover the lost money.

REO Bank-Owned Properties

When a lender sells a bank that takes over the real estate-owned property, it becomes an REO and sells as a bank-owned property. This means the bank is now responsible for the property and will try to sell it. The bank might use a real estate agent to help sell the property or sell it directly to someone.

REO Homes

REO homes are single-family homes that a lender has taken over because the owner couldn’t pay their mortgage. The lender will then sell the home to potential buyers to try to make back the money they lost. REO homes can be found in different neighborhoods and price ranges, making them a good option for many people.

REO Foreclosure

When a lender takes over a property because the owner foreclosed home couldn’t pay their mortgage, it’s called an REO foreclosure. This means the lender has the right to sell the property to try to make back the money they lost. The foreclosure process starts when the person who owns investment property and took out the mortgage-foreclosed property stops making payments.

Why Buy REO Properties?

There are many good reasons to buy REO+ properties online, including:

  • They’re often cheaper: REO properties are usually priced lower than similar properties in the same area.
  • You can negotiate: Banks and lenders want to sell REO properties quickly, so they might be willing to negotiate the price and other terms.
  • Less competition: REO properties might not get as much attention from buyers and real estate agents so you might get a better deal.


REO properties are a good option for people who want to buy a property but don’t want to pay much. You can make an intelligent decision when buying a property by understanding REO bank-owned properties, REO homes, and buying REO properties from foreclosures. Research and work with a real estate expert to find the best REO investment property.

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