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Maximizing Your Earnings: How to Effectively Sell Your Mortgage Note with the Help of a Broker

Need to sell your mortgage note?

Allow us to assist you with our expert note-brokering services

Many people don’t know that they can sell their notes. Whether it’s a mortgage or a business note, we always broker them.

We are brokers that help sell real estate notes or business notes. The real estate notes we broker are typically created when a piece of real estate is sold with owner financing, also called seller financing or carryback financing.

The business notes we broker are the notes created when the sale of a business sells or her business and takes back a note for some or all of the company’s sales value.

Quick Rundown of what documents I need to sell my note

  • The Security Instrument on the Note
  • The Original Note Agreements
  • Title Insurance
  • Home Insurance

Owner’s Policy Number for Homeowner’s Insurance Company The Current Market Value and how it is to be paid out; again, if there are any other conditions we need to know about, such as a balloon note, then you should also provide that information so we can make sure this will work with your current situation. The presentation material that describes who has ownership rights now and what those rights entail should also accompany these documents.

You may want to include copies of all deeds, mortgages, and legal descriptions, but please do not send originals unless our company requests them. If you have any questions, please get ahold of us with the contact information below.

We’re not just brokers – we also help you get out of a bad situation. No matter what type of note(s) you own, whether real estate or business notes, our team is here to broker them for you and make your life easier. Interested? Contact us today! Again…we are just – not just any old random online brokerage site!

Frequently Asked Questions about Note Sales:

Selling My Mortgage Note, Using a Note Broker, and Buying

Real Estate or Business Notes

Q: What is a mortgage note?

A: A mortgage note is a legal document that outlines the terms and conditions of a loan that is used to purchase real estate. It includes information such as the loan amount, interest rate, and repayment schedule.

Q: Why would I want to sell my mortgage note?

A: There are a variety of reasons why someone might choose to sell their mortgage note. Some common reasons include needing cash for unexpected expenses, wanting to invest in other opportunities, or wanting to get out of the real estate business.

Q: How do I find a buyer for my mortgage note?

A: There are a few different ways to find a buyer for your mortgage note. One option is to work with a mortgage note broker, who will connect you with potential buyers. You can also search for buyers through online marketplaces or by reaching out to local investors.

Q: What information will I need to provide to a potential buyer?

A: In order to sell your mortgage note, you will need to provide information such as the loan amount, interest rate, and repayment schedule, as well as the property address, borrower information, and any other relevant details.

Q: How much can I expect to receive for my mortgage note?

A: The amount you can expect to receive for your mortgage note will depend on a variety of factors, such as the current market conditions, the loan amount and interest rate, and the creditworthiness of the borrower. A mortgage note broker or other professional can help you estimate the value of your note.

Q: Are there any legal or tax implications to selling my mortgage note?

A: There may be legal and tax implications to selling your mortgage note, so it’s important to consult with a lawyer or accountant before making a decision. They can help you understand any potential liabilities or obligations from selling your note.

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